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We have developed up to 250 projects for client, small or big companies and organizations. We are aware of challenges and demands of each professional area!

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Milestones of our company

Below you can read about some of the characters landmarks-dates charted the course of our company in time!
  • June 26th 2015new offices in Athens

    We open a new store in Vrilissia Attica. We are very happy because amid all the difficulties in the Greek society, we with professionalism, seriousness and continuous work, do another big step
  • November 10th 2014SendBOX

    Inaugurate the new service of sending bulk sms, SendBOX.
  • January 8th 2011New offices at Thessaloniki

    We move to a new larger, more practical and functional offices in Thessaloniki. Polykleitou 40, Ano Touba
  • October 29th 2009Social Media Marketing

    We start promoting our services on Social Media with a new team, with new world, active in the technology and Contemporary way communication
  • March 19th 2007mass email delivery EmailSYSTEM

    We present one of the most dynamic and innovative advertising, mass email delivery through EmailSYSTEM
  • October 10th 2006New office at Vosporou

    We move to our new offices in Bosporus 113. Small office but is now necessary a correct commercial space!
  • March 1st 2005Registrar .GR

    By Decision 5639 / 05.03.01 EETT (National Telecommunications and Post), the deZitech is authorized registrar of domain names .gr
  • February 14th 2004The beginning...

    Fateful day! In Thessaloniki, a new idea is created, a new attempt. "Web design in Thessaloniki"