Mass email sending to unlimited clients...!

EmailSYSTEM is an email marketing application, a program to send mass newsletters. The procedure is very easy, even for users without computer skills. User environment is full in greek language. You have the ability to monitor your campaigns through analytical statistics, wherever you are!

I think that my newsletter template was perfectly layouted and I noticed that clients are responding positively. Not only the open the newsletter but they are reading for 2-3 times!!

Varvara Raimondou, RBS ΑΕ

It was very easy to setup and run my campaigns. I strongly recommend emailSystem to anyone

Alexandros Stefanou

Why us...

  • Reliable delivery of your email newsletters
  • We provide our own fast server, our IP set, our own infrastructure and not third party!
  • More than 30 ready newsletter templates to pick, if you do not have your own
  • Update when recipient unsubscribed
  • You only pay for emails sent!
  • User Guide, Videos in Greek
  • Severe support: Expert team managers, Livechat, Helpdesk, Tel. Center, Recommendations, Manuals