We undertake the correct setup, control and improvement of your ads to achieve better results.


Correct ad setup

The better a campaign is, the more customers it will bring to your website. Keyword research, proper keyword selection, ad wording and targeting settings are the most important points. It looks or sounds obvious, but trust us it’s not. Most mistakes, many failed campaigns, much wasted time, much wasted money are traced back to bad initial setup!

The correct, professional initial setup of ads requires knowledge and experience.

At dezitech over the years we have managed and monitored many different campaigns of our clients from various business sectors of the market. We see the trends, make comparisons and have a clear picture of what the consumer is looking for in order to make the action plan.

For us, every euro you spend on advertising, you must get back at least 2.5 to 3 times (ROAS)!


A lot of money but a mediocre result

“I spend a lot of money on advertising, but I don’t get results” is a phrase we hear very often. Do you spend a lot of money on your ads and you don’t know if the result you get is the best possible? You don’t know if with the same money, the same cost, have you done all the right steps and all the settings so that your ads are performing the best possible?

We can check your existing campaigns! We can evaluate from existing, or under planning campaigns, those that are lagging behind, those that can be modified and optimized.

We will ONLY recommend redesigning them if we can bring you a much better result!

We can see how your ads with analytics, conversions and code fit with your existing website/eshop and if all this together gives you a clear picture of the money you spend.


Google shopping ads for higher profitability

Google Ads for eshop is demanding! When we search for a specific product on Google, before the organic search results at the top, related products with title, photo, price and store name appear. It’s these ads that catch the eye and you should definitely be there TOO!

Shopping Ads allow you to appear multiple times, with many different products in Google results – but also in combination with simple text ads. More results means more impression share, therefore better advertising performance!

The success of your campaigns, however, depends to a large extent on setting up and setting up Shopping ads in Google Ads, as well as on their continuous monitoring and optimization. Your Google Ads ad must be displayed directly, “in front” of users when they are looking for or needing your product or service.


Frequent questions (FAQ)


How much does Google Ads cost?

The cost is split into two parts. The first concerns the amount (budget) you want to invest in Google. You can start with 5 euros per day, that is 150 euros per month. The payment is per click and is referred to as cost per click (CPC = Cost per Click) and is activated when a user clicks on your ad which leads them to your website. The second cost concerns the fee of our office for setting up and managing the ads. The management cost is not fixed as it is affected by the budget you will spend on Google.


When will I see results?

From the moment your account is activated and ads start running, they will be shown to the public immediately. You should definitely not expect miracles from the first 2-3 weeks. We need to give Google’s algorithm time to work your ads along with our respective settings. The first results start to be seen after the first 1-2 months.


What is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising system where advertisers bid on specific keywords to have their ads appear in Google’s search results. It is a powerful tool that will help you increase traffic to your site and at the same time increase your sales directly, targeted and completely measurable.


How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads is based on “keywords” or otherwise on “keywords”. By choosing words or phrases for your ads that represent your profession, when customers search for one of those words your ads will appear. Google conducting a kind of auction, with some criteria that it defines, will choose to show users, in order of priority, the best and most relevant ads that include these keywords.


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