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We take care of the maintenance and technical support of your WordPress website, any small or big problem you have!


Maintenance & Support WordPress – Woocommerce

Do you manage a WordPress or WooCommerce website?
We undertake its maintenance!
Are you losing customers because your site isn’t working properly? Want peace of mind about security and upgrades? Want to make your website incredibly fast?

Do you want to know that there is ALWAYS someone taking care of the correct and smooth operation of your website? With consistency, experience and seriousness? Do you know that whatever you need you can pick up the phone and talk to a technician who will solve your questions?

We provide packages
starting from 50 euros
and they adapt
to your needs.

What is included in maintenance & WordPress technical support

  1. Control & improve WordPress security
  2. WordPress core upgrades + plugins + templates
  3. Check that WordPress is working properly
  4. Check all Plugins, one by one and where necessary, remove or replace with a better one
  5. Control & improve WordPress speed – Woocommerce
  6. Performance check of your hosting package
  7. Check SEO work, if done, and suggestions for improvement
  8. Daily backups
  9. Continuous monitoring of page availability (uptime monitoring)

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Track issues via Ticketing

From the beginning of our cooperation and for any problem you report to us, everything is recorded and monitored by an organized dezitech helpdesk system. This way we manage to keep a history of problems and solutions, where you can refer back at any time. There is a different gradation of problems because for us what you consider urgent becomes an immediate priority for resolution.

Technical upgrades

Both the core of WordPress and the various plugins or themes must be updated regularly. This is not an option but mandatory if you want your website/eshop to be healthy. We have seen too many eshops stop working “suddenly” after a seemingly simple and innocent upgrade. Plugins that were not updated when they were supposed to, in the order they were supposed to, create some kind of conflict or malfunction in WordPress and your page crashes, becomes unresponsive, or gives a blank page.

Small corrections to parts of your website

However small or large corrections you want to make to your website, we can help you. This can be from simple changes in images or phrases, to a complete redesign of the pages. Content is renewed, trends change, design and functionality can always be improved. This way corrections can be made, small and large, always in relation to your page and content.

Skroutz, Public, BestPrice, Shopflix and other MarketPlace XML fixes

If you want to join some platforms too, we can make you a new XML. If you have a plugin that is not working properly we can fix it. We handle communication n If your online store needs corrections to the Skroutz or BestPrice XML file, we fix it and make it compatible with these platforms.

Synchronization with vendor XML (or MS Excel, CSV files)

If you want to add to your eshop one or more XMLs from your supplier, or even MS Excel files, we take care of the complete bridging. The correct mapping of your supplier’s categories with your eshop’s categories is one of the most important steps. We can synchronize simple and variable products, all or some elements of the products such as stock, price or even categories. Also, we can create dynamic functions to calculate prices like “subtract VAT and add 15% to all prices”.

Systematic and readily available backups

We keep backups for all our customers, at least once a day, in our files and database. For any error or malfunction, we can intervene immediately and return your page to its last good/stable state.

Security check, protection against hacking

At least once a month, we have a serious case from one of our customers, whose page has been hacked. From time to time, the security of your website can be tested by malicious attacks, which can impact your content, your access and the stability of your page. If you have WooCommerce, you risk losing important information (such as transaction security, customer and order details) from a single attack.

Frequent questions (FAQ)

Why do I need technical support for my WordPress website?

Technical support of a WordPress website from a specialist consultant with troubleshooting knowledge and experience in multiple website installations is essential for:
1. The correct hosting of the website on a fast, upgraded, secure and large memory capacity server with backup capabilities.
2. The correct architecture of the website and the display of services – products.
3.Optimizing the website for search engines (S.E.O.), so that it can be properly read by the famous Google robots and ranked in the first search results.
4. Converting your WordPress website into an online store (WooCommerce e-shop).
5. Improving the speed of your WordPress website.
6. Cleaning and protection from Malware, Hacking, viruses.
7. Installing SSL security certificate in WordPress
8. The addition and content management of pages, articles, blogs, products.
9. The customization of website fields (menu, banners, footers, Slider, etc.).
10. The installation, configuration and upgrade of plugins and themes.

Why should I take out a technical support contract for my WordPress website?

A technical support contract ensures the correct operation of your website all day and every day. This way you know that there is ALWAYS someone looking after the proper and smooth operation of your website, your website is ALWAYS secure and up-to-date and you ALWAYS have a technician by your side for your questions. So you can focus exclusively on the operation of your company without wasting your valuable time on the maintenance of your website.

How much does technical support for my wordpress website cost?

The cost of technical support for your website starts from the basic package with just 40 euros per month. As your needs grow, our packages are adjusted to meet them, always maintaining the best value for money balance.

Are the packages you have monthly only? No time support or something?

Of course there is! There are monthly maintenance plans as well as the possibility of pre-purchasing hours. In the monthly maintenance plans, specific tasks are carried out which we report to you and you know exactly what is paid for. By pre-purchasing hours you can use them in any way you want for any work related to your website.

Is there a minimum monthly maintenance period?

No! You can stop working with us for any reason without further explanation at any time.

Are your packages specific? Don't we see a comparison table?

Every website/eshop is different with different needs and requirements. There is a specific price list which varies according to your requirements. An eshop with thousands of products, dozens of orders per day, cannot be included in the same package as an eshop with few products and little traffic.

In order to work together, do I have to host my website on your servers?

No! We can work with the server you already have. Clearly, basic specifications should be checked first.

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