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ALEXANDER & JACOB Design, production and sales company of women's…


Design, production and sales company of women’s clothing


Eshop design & development

Website hosting

WordPress Maintenance


Alexander & Jacob is a Greek company active in the field of clothing since 1968, both in Greece and abroad. Having the high quality of her clothes as her main goal, she manufactures the jacquard fabric she uses herself, chooses environmentally friendly dyes and designs all the collections she has in her store, as well as in the partner stores. As part of its website renewal, we were asked to rebuild, host and maintain the eshop.

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Eshop design & development
High speed

Since it is an eshop, we developed a fully functional website, compatible with all devices (PC, tablet, mobile), so that the user can navigate pleasantly and carry out his purchases easily and quickly from whatever means he connects.With the help of our expert WordPress developers noticeably improved response speedof the website and its easy navigation.

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Website hosting
Wordpress Maintenance

Hosting the website on our company’s state-of-the-art servers with large memory contributed to the improvement in speed.
The various functional adjustments and improvements could not be maintained if we had not undertaken the maintenance of the websitewith continuous upgrades, updates and immediate fixes for any issues that arise.
The website has been interfaced with our emailsystem platform for easy planning, quick and mass email – newsletter sending to a large number of contacts.

Connect to ERP
Connection with banks
& Skroutz

Added all products and implemented WooCommerce bridge with SoftOne for live synchronization of inventory and orders.
From the menu, the user can open the quick cart view, without having to leave the page they are on. It also has the ability to log into the Cart page to process orders and Checkout to complete the purchase.
We made the connection with the banks, with the transport companies and with skroutz for the safe and fast completion of the orders.
We properly trained the client for the effective management of his eshop.


Accessible for the disabled

The website was designed in a way to be friendly to people with special needs and to meet all the parameters defined by the WCAG 2.0 standard (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Texts are scaled for readability, color contrast and grayscale are affected, and links are underlined for clarity.

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