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KOALA TOYS Eshop development for a toy store and website…


Eshop development for a toy store and website hosting, WordPress maintenance and social media promotion


The Koala Toys store, based in Thessaloniki, counts many decades of strong presence in the field of play, having a complete collection of toys for all ages, made of quality and safe materials. As part of the expansion and renewal of the business for better customer service, we were asked to design a new logo, build the eshop, host and maintain the website and promote it on social media.


The logo design rationale was based on the brand theme – the koala and the happy mood that toys create. By combining a koala graphic, a relaxed curved font and a game-inspired color palette, a colorful game-like logo was created.


Eshop development
High speed

Having decided on the new image of the company profile, we proceeded to design the eshop, in an equally happy and colorful mood. We composed photos and graphics on a white background, so that the products stand out with their multi-color. In some places, which we wanted to highlight, we kept the red color of the company. Our expert WordPress developers built a fully functional website, compatible with all devices (PC, tablet, mobile) and with high response speed, as a successful eshop requires!

Photo_kataskeui eshop

Website hosting
Wordpress Maintenance

We guaranteed the high response speed of the eshop despite a fairly large number of products, its proper functioning and security, thanks to its hosting on the new technology servers of our company and its maintenance by our specialized WordPress developers.
The website has been interfaced with our emailsystem platform for easy planning, quick and mass email – newsletter sending to a large number of contacts.

Connection with banks,
transport companies, skroutz

We have added all products that renew automatically. We have created a pleasant and easy navigation experience for the user from the product page, to the cart and checkout.
We implemented the secure connection with the banks, with the transport companies and with skroutz, for the safe and fast completion of the orders.
We properly trained the client for the effective management of his eshop.


Social Media

We undertook the promotion of the website and therefore the company on social networks, making publications at regular intervals on Facebook and Instagram. We edited the content of the posts, promoting the company’s products, writing targeted texts and using smart hastags.

Photo_social media