How to choose the best web hosting company for my website

εταιρεία για την φιλοξενία της σελίδας

How we can decide if a web hosting package is right for us? Bandwith allocation, data speed in hard drive etc. are characteristics that don’t have value in our days. What we must have in mind before we decide to trust a company for hosting our website?

See the checklist
It is important:

  1. Know our web hosting needs.
  2. Company reliability and uptime near 100%.
  3. Possible updates to web hosting hardware and software.
  4. To check how many domains are hosted in same machine as yours.
  5. To check hosting prices and renews.
  6. Check web hosting panel.
  7. Read terms and refund policy (if exists).
  8. Backup policy

You cannot make the right decision, if first you dont know your exact needs.

It is best to wonder:

  • What kind of website have we?
  • How much disk space used for our website files?
  • Will be hosted online applications?
  • What version of php, mysql will be needed?
  • How much traffic our website has?

These are some of the basic questions that we must ask ourselves before we address to a professional for web hosting services.

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