It is true that by the time we were given the opportunity to register the domain names we want, whether they were .com, .net, etc. either .gr, it was difficult to find them available. Always there would be someone who would have registered before us, so always looking for alternative ways to register the name of interest.

Especially nowadays almost every English word in .com is taken. This is due to a large extent and the speculators, who buy hundreds of names for a paltry sum and resell them at huge profit. The names ending in .gr, have arrived at this breaking point, but quite often appear availability problems.

You will hear many people say that if you try to Greece, will first availability of Greek names should be interested. This is true and there is a reasonable argument.

But you always have in mind that in the minds of Internet users «the king of names remains the name ending in .com.
If you try to first check the availability of names in .com and .gr or after in all other famous endings, such as .net, .biz,,, etc. The names ending .com impart not only prestige but also greater operating capacity.

Suppose you have the following “Company Cleaning Car O.E.» company. In our mind directly come keywords phrases like «car», «auto» «clean», «cleaning», etc. The logic then would immediately register a name that would use these words as,, or or even with Greek characters. Of course, these words are too popular for it and these names are not available, nor as .gr nor as .com or .net, etc. But if we did a combination of words and trying to or www names maybe then it would be easier to find something available?

In any case, even if you do not find these names available, the name you choose should have the following three main features:

Easy to remember.
Dimple pronunciation and retire.
Small in size. For example, a name like, will probably be available for registration but quite difficult for someone and to remember and to draw correctly.

If nevertheless you have difficulties to find the right name for your business, remember that ultimately the domain name has no relation to the products or services you sell. See so:

What does the “” with the purchase of books and household appliances?
What does the “” to the online search?
What does the “” with online auctions?

In other words if you have to choose between a name is long, difficult to be the one remembers but perfectly describes the activities of your business and a name smart, small but “irrelevant” to the products or services you have, choose the second.

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