Simply put, newsletter is nothing more than a notification email that sent at a regular intervals to specific recipients.

Sending information email at regular intervals, it is an excellent and effective tool for promoting your products and services because it is addressed to a large number of recipients without substantial financial burden. The newsletter is very popular, effective and predominantly used nowadays by many companies and organizations.

Although the advantages of the newsletter are too many, you should know the following:

  • To see real benefit from that use, you should be typical and consistent in the time of shipment. Unlike what happens in a simple advertising, newsletter is an ongoing process.
  • The results are not usually showing in a short time. You may be lucky and hit your target directly. But experience has shown that it takes time and effort. Over time, the familiarity that exists becomes greater and their syntax faster and easier. But there will also be cases where your time is limited and finding the matter even more difficult. Your consistency in your audience should be uninterrupted.
  • The content of the newsletter should meet quality standards. Not only as a way to show, but much more on the substance.

But in general you should have a clear picture of exactly what target by sending your newsletter. You want to keep an open communication channel with your customers? You want to promote your products or services? You want to create a “special” profile on in your industry?

In deZitech, use the application EmailSYSTEM which organizes, monitors and informs you about all active your sent newsletter.