It is difficult to determine precisely what the Google PageRank. A very good approach could be the indication of a website popularity. So, the higher the PageRank, the more popular the page.

The Google PageRank is a metric which measures the popularity of a website, ranging from zero (you have poor incoming links or too new to your website to score) to ten (which means that you are one of the leading websites across the Internet).

For example: has PageRank 9, the has PageRank 10, the has PageRank 9 and has PageRank 8.

But PageRank is not only an indication of how many websites do link-link to your page, and how important these websites. This is the Google algorithm that makes it so interesting: if a small number of extremely popular websites (for example, a high PageRank) connected-do link to your site, upload the website PageRank much more than if hundreds of smaller popularity websites they had links to you.

As a result, anyone interested in the PageRank dreams will appear one day on the Google homepage. This will be fired the PageRank of your website!

But the question is should we care the PageRank? You have to watch?

First of all it should be a very important clarification: a higher PageRank does not mean that you get better results in search engines (or SERP search engine results placememt, as you will see it listed). Or, at least, it is only one parameter of the 100 different variables that feed the calculation of what sites should be within the range of the results of a particular search on the Web.

You can always track the PageRank, if you’ve installed the Google Toolbar. Perform a search for something relatively rare, then check the PageRank value for the first 10 to 15 results. You will see that the first two results have the highest PageRank compared to the rest.

In the wider community involved in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many people pay much attention to PageRank, and seeking links to their pages from other sites with relatively high PageRank. Others propose to completely ignore the PageRank and simply focus only on creating good links to other Web sites.

In the long run, the best and most effective strategy is to create-develop websites that offer valuable content to the public which we address. At the same time, we should be looking for and create external links so that we raise the popularity of our website. Since we follow correctly the rules that Google considers important to place high in search engine results, then it is very likely to have a similarly high PageRank.

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